Importance Of Healthy Food : How To Choose Healthy Snacks For Kids : Child Health And Development

Now a day, parents are so concerned about the eating habits of their children. From morning to night, kids eat snacks several times. But, the majority of the kids are attracted to junk food that contains high sugar and fat. But, through it all, make sure that you get the best real money casinos guide and be guaranteed a real money win. This results in a lot of health issues for kids. So, we need to change the eating habit of our children by giving them healthy and nutritious snacks. But, where we can find healthy snacks for kids?? Don’t worry, if you are a parent then follow me throughout the whole discussion. I hope you will get all the solutions regarding how to choose healthy snacks for your kids, and please keep in mind that it’s any kids right to make healthy food and be healthy n fit :

First of all, we have to know some terms related to the food habits of kids. These are:

What is a healthy snack?

A healthy snack contains protein, carbohydrates, and nutrition. A healthy snack must fulfill two criteria. It will satisfy the hunger and provide balanced nutrition to the kids. On the contrary, a healthy snack must contain low sugar and fat. Junk food will never be an option for healthy snacks. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be on the priority list. Now, I will mention the combination of protein and carbohydrates in a healthy snake. These are:

  1. Sandwiches included with meat.
  2. Fresh fruits with raw vegetables.
  3. Pizza slices mixed a lot of carrots.
  4. Peanut butter mixed with chopping banana.
  5. Bowl of cereal added with milk.

These are some of the examples of healthy snacks. It contains balanced protein, carbohydrates and lots of nutrition.

How to determine unhealthy snacks:

Unhealthy snacks are full of sugar and high saturated fat in it. Some of them are pizzas, burgers, hotdog etc. Besides, cold drinks like coca cola, Pepsi, Fanta; Miranda has a lot of sugar in it. Unhealthy eating habits create a lot of problems like tooth decay, obesity, diabetics etc. Besides, there are a lot of processed foods available in the market. They contain a lot of sugar, salt and fat materials in it. So, this kind of food is also in the category of unhealthy snacks.

Before discussing healthy snacks including what to give and what not to give, at first, we have to understand what is a balanced diet?? We know that kids are becoming hungry several times in a day. Like school kids, they are getting hungry in between classes.  So, to satisfy this hunger, sometimes they overeat a lot. So, this will cause obesity. And in recent times, obesity is a threat to the growing kids. It creates a lot of health-related problems and also reduces the confidence in kids. So, we should provide healthy snacks for school kids. Also, we have to make the perfect schedule to provide the day-to-day meals.

How to give a balanced diet and maintain a proper time schedule:

As our kids are getting hungry at various times of the day. So, we shouldn’t keep them hungry for a long time to avoid overeating. We will provide them food at particular times of the day. We have to make a balance between the food resume. Like for breakfast, we will give them heavy food. But for dinner, we will give them lightweight food. And keep a 1-hour distance from dinner to bed snacks at night. Besides, we should give kids fresh fruits and vegetables rather than meat. Besides, if we give them every day at the same time then it will develop a disciplinary eating habit in their lifestyle.

Now, there are different ages of kids and each age has its own requirement and specification. We can’t give the same food to everyone. On the contrary, we can’t expect to maintain the same time schedule for everyone. It varies from age to age. First, we mention the different ages of kids. These are:

  1. Toddlers.
  2. Preschool kids.
  3. School kids.
  4. Teenagers.

Now, their eating habits will be mentioned in the below section:


Toddlers are the youngest of all the ages mentioned above. From this age, if we try our best then we can definitely develop a healthy eating habit among kids. Kids of this age group are highly attracted towards sweets, chocolates etc. Besides, some parents are also giving chocolates as a reward for the good actions of their kids. This will provide a misconception towards eating habits. Besides, if toddlers are eating on time every day then it will develop a lifetime discipline for the growing kids. So, we should always encourage the toddlers to eat fresh fruits and vegetables from the very beginning.

Preschool kids:

Preschool kids also need to learn to control their desires from this early age. The kids of this age group are highly addicted to chocolates, Sweets etc. so, they need to endure a high level of patience in them. Parents should make a schedule for these kids and give them food from time to time. Like, if they take some bulky snacks in the morning then we must ensure light healthy evening snacks for kids.

School kids:

School kids are the busiest among other aged kid described in the upper section. They are doing homework’s, playing sport and also do a lot of extracurricular activities. That’s they need more food than other aged kids. We must provide snacks to the kids for their class breakup times. They need to take enough snacks in between the classes or leisure times. This will help them to concentrate on their studies properly.


Teenagers are carefree. They have enough independence and sometimes they also break the law. So, it’s too much difficult for a parent to always look up what his/her children eat. But, we can motivate them by giving them proper knowledge about healthy eating habits and their consequences. Besides, you can become a role model in the house. If you are living a healthy lifestyle then probably it will create an immense influence on the kids.

In this last Para, I will discuss some best strategies to develop a healthy eating habit in a child. These healthy habits are:

Motivates them to participate in food making:

A scientific research found that if children can participate in preparing food with their parents then it will influence them to attract towards healthy. On the other hand, it will also develop a choosing capability of healthy foods. So, we encourage our kids to get more involved in food preparation.

Serve food to kid’s whey they are actually hungry:

Parents should always keep an hour distance between daily meals and snacks. Sometimes, a snack before a meal will spoil their hunger. So, always try to be careful that kids should eat food while they are actually hungry. Hungry kids are easily attracted towards new healthy food s and try them for their betterment.

Always prevent watching TV while eating:

Sometimes, kids are getting so distracted that they forget how much to eat. So, this will eventually create obesity in them. So, as a parent, it’s your duty to always turn off the switch while watching big screens. Everyone should eat their meals together and discuss their daily activities together. This will develop a strong relationship bond between kids and parents.

Don’t seduce them to overeat:

Sometimes, parents are so much caring towards their child that they provoke them to overeat. But, this will cause a long time problem for the child. Because there is a natural sense fitted into a kid that how much they should eat. But, by provoking taking extra snacks will lead to overeating problems in the future.

Don’t force your kid to eat specific food:

Sometimes, parents are forcing their kids to eat any particular food. But this will cause hatred towards that food. Besides, it will cause a permanent unhealthy link with some foods.

So, in a concise, snacks play an important role in order to boost productivity and provides nutrition for the kids. So, we should always bear in mind that healthy snacks not only satisfy but also provides to build a productive nation.