Importance Of Parent And Child Relationship : How Role Of Parents In Child Development Is Important : Key Factors Of Raising Children

A parent-child relation is different than any other relationship in the world. And just like any other relationship it is affected by each other’s thoughts, feelings and behavior. It is mutually respected by both if there are positive thoughts and feelings which will keep the relationship healthy and satisfying. There are times when parents get overwhelmed and feel that they are not well equipped in raising children, in such cases the child starts feeling uncared for and unsafe with being expressive with emotional and physical needs. This relation between them is called ‘Attachment’ by many psychologists. Studying this attachment and some of the key facts for importance of parent and child relationship will help to raise the child better. Play Online Casino and get the money that you need for the education of your child.

  1. Presence of Warmth:

At the very beginning, it is the feeling of warmth that a child feels which creates a soothing and calming. Parents show their love by baby-talk and through physical touch which is an indicator of emotional availability and helps to develop the emotional needs of the child in future. The child feels that there are people who are sensitive to their needs and be open and responsive to parents. If the child feels the warmth in form of love, care and support, the child will most likely be a cooperative and loving child because he will be developed socially and emotionally. This makes role of parents in child development very crucial.

  1. Independence:

It is okay for parents to be concerned about their kid as they want to help as much as possible in every walk of life. But one of the key steps in raising children is to make him/her independent. And it is the job of parents to take a lead and try to teach their child not to be completely dependent on them. This goes hand in hand with role of parents in child development, which will help create and develop many other attributes in your child like making him/her know the importance of discipline, setting limits and restrictions on themselves by their own, etc. The child wants nothing but some quality time with parents and this time is what help him/her learn many things.

  1. Being Mom and Dad:

Both the roles of parent as Mom and Dad are extremely important for a child’s development. A kid confides in both of them in his/her life differently and has different relation with both too. A kid sees mom as protector and educator while dad as life coach and counselor. A mom is someone with whom the child feels the safest and feels like he/she could rely on and that’s why moms are their first friend. However the relationship with fathers can be a little intense and has always been underestimated in development of child. Fathers teach to control as well as express their emotions; they teach them how to be strong and brave. For many children, their first role models are their parents. Children are born without any social skills and they are curious and eager to imitate someone. That someone is usually who spends more time with kid and in most cases those are parents or care givers. Children are more affected by the actions of their parents as they can see and understand them and thus imitating them. That is why great emphasis is given on importance of parent and child relationship. We know parents are also human beings and aren’t perfect, they are bound to make mistakes too, but it is important to admit the mistakes and try to make things right. This is what a positive role model is.

  1. Getting more involved:

Parents who are more involved with the child’s life are likely to have a child who is socially confident and responsive later when he/she is in school. This is because the constant support of parents helps the kid to overcome the cognitive barriers and responsiveness plays an important role in giving a strong foundation for developing optimally. Also in early childhood education this involvement helps parents to extend the experiences of classroom to actual activities. Parents can develop this connection by being updated about school’s curriculum and know what is going on in the classroom. This is one of the key components of a child’s development and supporting further learning creates a positive experience for them and this also helps them perform better in academic life. This involvement is not only emotionally but physically as well. To be there for your kid in all aspects to life, be it school activities or playing with your child after school.

  1. Being their first teacher

Home is first school for child. It is obvious when the kid grows little older, when you all sit together to do the homework. But parents’ role as teachers starts even when the child is just a toddler. They teach their kid all the skills required for leading a good life ahead by developing his/her cognitive skills like how active the mind is, how social the kid is, how fast he started to speak and understand words, etc. When the kid is small, the brain is able to grasp things at a very high speed, helping the parents to develop the some of the important and useful life skills.

  1. Creating a family

Human beings are social animals who want to belong somewhere. Same is the mind of a kid, he/she feels the warmth only if he/she feels that he belongs in a family, that there is harmony among the people staying. This is important because young children’s environments at homes and schools promote positive outcomes which will help in development of child’s skills making the education more effective and beneficial. Broken marriages, bad habits in elders, not maintain proper hygiene, lack of attention and care, etc. are some of the factors which create bad and negative outcomes in early stages of child development. Such scenarios should be dealt sensitively keeping the emotions of child into consideration.

We can say that a strong family bond can help children develop self-esteem, resist against peer pressure, maintain discipline, not getting influenced easily, and making right decisions. There is no formula for getting the relationship right, there will be times when it would be hard to understand your child’s needs but during those times remember the love for each other and try to overcome the hardships. Also, one can always get help from outside if they are overwhelmed by the sudden responsibility of raising a human being but being patient enough and having positive attitude goes a long way in doing so.