Preparing For Baby Checklist : A Complete Guide For The Newly Turned Parents : Infant Health Tips

If you love babies and can easily handle babies it doesn’t mean that you’re deemed to be great at parenting. There are numerous things needed for new born baby’s care and overall development. For instance; Newborn baby essentials which pretty much covers things needed for newborn baby. In this article you will learn these tips and tricks to convert from a regular person to a ‘Parent’.

So here is your ‘Preparing for Baby Checklist’ :

>>  After your baby is born. Start your work at the hospital itself. Ask for all the guidance you can from the hospital staff. Nurses are a great source of information in such cases. They, can tell you all about different types of postures for your baby to be held in and all the different massages you should give the baby for a proper growth.

>>  A new born baby doesn’t have much developed immune system so it is very essential for you to Wash Your Hands Every time before you touch the baby. Also make sure to dry them before touching the baby. A sanitizer is an integral part of newborn baby essentials.

>>  The way you handle your baby is extremely important think of your baby as a feather which could be easily damaged if handled in a rough manner.Always support the Neck and the Head of the baby at all times. Don’t shake the baby or try to make it dance or hold him using without any support to his body. Think that the baby is like a piece of clay, which is slowly getting into larger form and is very delicate at the moment.

>>  Incase you want to wake you baby, simply tickle it or blow on its face gently, because shaking a baby can cause bleeding in it’s brain and suddenly waking the baby can be harmful for the baby too.

>>  Whenever You are taking Your baby Out, remember to make sure all that the baby is in a safe protected position with proper belts to keep the baby from falling. But make sure it doesn’t hurt the baby. It should be like proper fitting jeans, not too tight not too lose just one finger space is perfect.

>>  Bonding with your baby is the most important part of parenting. During the early days of you stay quite close to the baby there is a higher chance of it getting emotionally bonded with you. Always keep the baby in your lap or at least have some kind of touch contact with the baby while feeding or changing diapers to create a better bond. Massages are a very essential part of emotional Bonding with a baby and they also help in an overall development of the body of the baby. Remember to be gentle while massaging a baby because it is very delicate and doesn’t have proper muscle formation or bone structure.

>>  Feeding the baby is the most important thing. It is always advised that a baby is breast fed till the age of 6 months minimum to a year at max after which it should be introduced to semi solid or solid foods. Also a baby needs to be fed a lot of times during the day and even more incase there is a need for weight gain. The doctors advise that the baby should be fed on demand, i.e when the baby starts sucking it’s thumb, starts crying, starts making sucking noises, etc. A new born baby usually needs to be fed every 2 to 3 hours.

>>  Another one of the important things needed for newborn baby is burping. After every meal it is advised to make a baby burp, as it aids it’s digestive system. The most common thing is to put the baby’s head on your shoulder and lightly Pat and rub on it’s back till it burps. Now the reason why a baby needs to burp is that, while feeding it takes in some amount of air which causes a gas bubble in their Tiny little stomach which can cause them feel uncomfortable and may result in crying or un-easyness.

>>  Now when it comes to digestion comes the topic of potty. A thing which might feel uncomfortable at first but you will be accustomed to it after some time. When it comes to this here are some more things you should have in your ‘newborn baby essentials’ list.

  • Clean diapers
  • Fasteners ( when using cloth diapers)
  • Diaper ointment
  • Diaper wipes (Or cotton balls with warm water)

Make sure that the baby’s buttocks are cleaned properly to avoid any type of disease or rash. Incase of a rash use a diaper ointment which will help heal the rash. Some open time (without diaper) will always help the baby out incase of rash. The rash usually goes away in a few days (3-4 days) but if not it is advisable to seek medical attention. In case of girls clean from front towards the back to avoid any kind of urinary tract infection (UTI).

>>  When it comes to giving the baby a bath, make sure you don’t go crazy with it. A baby should be given a bath just two or three times in a week or else could cause dry skin. For a month the baby should be given a sponge bath because the umbilical cord will take a month to fall off the body and it is not advisable to let water enter the umbilical cord. When it comes to bathing provisions here is a list of things needed for newborn baby:

  • A soft and clean cloth for the wash.
  • A proper baby safe soap and shampoo
  • Soft towels and blankets
  • Clean clothes

In case of sponge bath be very careful around the tummy at the umbilical cord area. incase of tub bath, use warm water just warm enough to keep the baby from being cold. Also make sure that the water level isn’t much deep about 2-3 inches is enough. When bathing remove your baby’s clothes and gently place him in the tub and lay it down with it’s chest under the water and keeps it’s head above the water. Give the head support and apply little soap and massage a little with your finger tips. Make sure to cut your nails in order to save the baby from any kind of cuts. Even if using baby safe shampoos make sure it doesn’t get into the baby’s eyes or mouth.

So here was the complete ‘Preparing for baby checklist’. A handy guide for new parents who care a lot for their little one. The only tip you need to remember is take a lot of care of your kiddo to help him have a healthy childhood.