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Tips to Conceive a Baby Boy | How to get pregnant with a baby boy naturally

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If you too are one of them who have been wondering how to conceive a baby boy fast, maybe you have reached the correct spot. Many times, a couple is too desperate to conceive a particular gender of a baby, moreover, there is no harm in trying naturally to conceive one if you desire so. However, there is no guaranteed way to conceive a baby boy but there are several procedures that have been believed to be successful in conceiving a boy. There are several diets, sex positions and Chinese lunar birth calendars which are likely to affect the gender of the baby you are going to conceive. Let us discuss further in detail, the steps that might help you out in conceiving a baby boy.

How to conceive a baby boy- The Literature:

Let us discuss in detail, how any particular gender of a baby is actually conceived. Basically, the male sperm carries either of the two types of chromosomes, the X chromosome and the Y chromosome. The type of sperm that fertilizes the egg determines the sex of the conceived baby. Fertilization through a sperm carrying X chromosome leads to a girl, whereas, Y chromosome leads to a baby boy. Several types of researches have concluded that the sperm carrying Y chromosome is much weaker, smaller and faster than the X chromosome. Moreover, the sperms with X chromosome are likely to survive for a longer period of time inside a female’s body.

Tips on how to conceive a baby boy:

  • Ensuring Lower Vaginal Acidic Levels: The female vaginal environment is highly acidic and can destroy the weaker, Y chromosome, which can decrease the chances of conceiving a baby boy. You can always test the pH levels of the vagina by using a pH strip. If the acidic levels are too high, several methods which have been proven to lower down the acidic levels can be implemented before trying to conceive a baby, which will increase the chances of conceiving a baby boy.
  • The Correct Diet: This might be one of the most important factors which can affect the gender of the baby to be conceived as the type of nutrition and diet intake plays a vital role in determining the gender of the baby. Several studies have shown that women who intake healthy breakfast and consume up to 2000 calories daily when trying to conceive have greater chances of conceiving a baby boy. Moreover, taking sodium and potassium-rich food can also increase the chances. Fruits such as banana and strawberries can help you get these nutrients. Additionally, you can also have red meat which has been proven to help conceive a baby boy in several old wives tales. A study in South Africa also leads to a conclusion that females who had a salt enriched diet have a better chance of conceiving a baby boy than the one who consumed chocolates.
  • Following the how to conceive a baby boy calendar: The most important factors which can affect the gender of the conceived baby, according to several studies, is the intercourse timing. As the male sperm is smaller and faster, having a intercourse closer to the time of ovulation can increase the chances of the male sperm reaching the egg and fertilizing it before the female sperm. Whereas, having the intercourse a day before ovulation will increase the chances of conceiving a baby girl as female sperm is active for a longer period of time as compared to the male sperm which will become inactive eventually. To make this process workable, it is very important to chart out the ovulation period very precisely and accurately, for the same you can perform the ovulation tests and proceed to intercourse only one the tests result positive.
  • Choosing the Correct Love Making Positions: The area around the female cervix is more alkaline as compared to the vaginal entrance. Choosing the sex positions which allow a deeper penetration and release of the sperms near the cervix can increase the chances of survival of the male chromosomes which can thereafter fertilize the eggs before the X chromosome as they move faster inside the female body. Some of the advisable positions are doggy style, standing up and straddling. With the lesser distance to be traveled towards the egg, the male sperm being faster, will overrun the female sperm and fertilize the egg.
  • Having an orgasm before male Ejaculation: The cervical mucus in the vagina become more alkaline when women experience an orgasm, which in turn makes the environment suitable for the Y chromosomes, therefore, the female partner must have an orgasm before the male partner.
  • Having Cough Syrup Before Intercourse: The experts have proven that medicine which comprises of guaifenesin can be helpful in thinning the mucus membranes present in the cervix which help the sperms to easily go through. A huge number of women have also been taking the same to get pregnant easily and to conceive a boy.
  • Have Unplanned Intercourse: A study has shown that a quick unplanned intercourse can be helpful in conceiving a baby boy as compared to a sexual intercourse which has been pre-planned and properly set. A pre-planned, intimate and romantic intercourse is more likely to result in conceiving a baby girl.


The Chinese Lunar Birth Calendar:

There have been several beliefs which have been considered to be workable by a huge population throughout the world to conceive a particular gender of baby. A famous calendar which is believed to predict the gender of a baby was drawn up by a Chinese scientist and eventually buried in the royal tomb for 700 years. It is believed that by using his calendar, the baby’s gender can be determined by the female’s age and the month in which the baby would be conceived.

The people who have been using this calendar have claimed it to be right, 99% of the times. Using this calendar, you can time out the month in which you might conceive a baby boy. However, the users have lined out some of the rules which might be helpful furthermore. It is advisable to not to try to conceive in the very beginning or the very end of the predicted lunar month.

The Men’s Guide:

  • There is a reason that the scrotum has been placed outside out body, to experience comparatively lesser temperatures as compared to the body parts inside. The sperms cannot bear high temperatures, furthermore, the weaker, Y chromosome is even less tolerable to high temperature, thereafter, to further decrease the temperature, you can consider wearing boxers instead of briefs, additionally further, to keep things cooler, you can even consider using an ice pack or taking a cool bath. Tighter briefs can decrease the sperm count, as well increase the survival possibilities of the female sperm.
  • Furthermore, have a high caffeinated cup of coffee might also boost your energy levels and help you conceive a baby boy, as it is observed by several studies.
  • A higher sperm count will increase the chances of conceiving a boy, therefore, it is advisable to avoid having sex for 4 to 7 days before ovulation.
  • Smoking and Drinking have been believed to lower down the density of male chromosomes in the sperms, therefore, if you are planning to have a boy, you better quit smoking and drinking as soon as possible.


Lastly, conceiving any gender of baby in a natural and anonymous process, however, if you highly desire to have a baby of a particular gender, it’s all a couple’s choice and you can also follow the above-mentioned tips which may help you out in conceiving a baby boy naturally, however, most of the procedures have not been backed up by science, still they have several believers and followers, so there is no harm trying.


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